IKN strengthens its presence in Sub-Saharan Africa

During a meeting with over 70 participants from more than 11 African countries, IKNGmbH and Insimbi Refractory & Alloy Supplies Ltd. shook hands about the agreement to work together in Sub-Saharan Africa. Insimbi was selected by IKNbased on its extensive experience in this area and the strong team, that provides support and services to IKN’s existing and future customers.

High-capacity products

IKN has installed 12 coolers with a capacity of > 9,000 t/d so far

Three in China 13,000 t/d each, three in Saudi Arabia 11,000 t/d each, two in India 10,000 t/d each, two in the UAE 10,000 t/d each, one in Korea 9,100 t/d and one in Turkey 9,100 t/d.