A new clinker cooler for Woessingen

Cement-Lime-Gypsum, March 2009

Within the framework of a modernization project at Wössingen cement works, a new preheater tower and clinker cooler was constructed without interrupting plant operation. During a plant stoppage in spring 2009, this will be connected up to the existing infrastructure and put into operation. In order to keep the conveying distances between the new kiln line and the existing plant sections as short as possible, the new line had to be built close to the existing kiln. The confined space conditions demanded a somewhat unconventional approach to the construction work sequence. To enable accessibility during the construction work, it was necessary to first erect the new clinker cooler in a narrow gap between the existing Lepol kiln and the transformer station. It proved just as difficult to plan adequate free space for later accessibility to the system for maintenance work.