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IKN completes another EPC project at HeidelbergCement plant in France, where besides the new IKN cooler a highly efficient new vent air dedusting system including HEX and bag filter was part of the package.


IKN takes part in an innovative project called LEILAC2 which is focused on separating and capturing CO2 from the cement production process.


Another pyro project under contract: a new pyro line for production of 5500 clinker per day for Qizilqum Cement in Navoi, Uzbekistan.

Securing the grounds

New projects always begin with the first step. When looking at the construction site at Märker Cement, the first series of steps is already quite visible. Both, the solid concrete basis for the
preheater and the first kiln pier, have almost reached their full heights. Foundation works for the cooler building are in full progress showing the future footprint.

The new kiln line no. 8 is being built right next to the existing production line which it will replace after commissioning. The start of this important project directly in the heart of Germany and during the difficult Covid‐19 times shows the commitment of Märker Cement towards the plant, its employees, and the region.


Securing grounds IKN

Contract for upgrade of pyro line in Germany goes to IKN

At the beginning of 2020, IKN was awarded a contract from Märker Group encompassing the engineering, supply, and installation of an entire 3.000 tpd pyro line from raw meal feeding to clinker
transport. By upgrading its cement plant at Harburg, Germany, Märker leads the company towards a sustainable future. The plant will feature state‐of‐the‐art technology in order to further increase production reliability and reduce emissions.

Integration engineering, supply and installation of a one‐string, 5‐stage preheater tower with an inline calciner and Fire Bed Combustor for refuse‐derived fuel (RDF), a 3‐station kiln with burner, a clinker cooler and a cooler filter are part of the contract.

The IKN preheater and calciner will be of the most modern design with low pressure drop at maximum performance and efficiency.

The IKN 3‐station kiln line will be optimised for use of a variety of alternative fuels. Furthermore, an essential component of the plant is the IKN Pendulum Cooler® with the innovative KIDS®, providing high reliability and efficiency at low maintenance and operational costs.

IKN takes part in a new research and innovation project

The new EU Horizon 2020 project LEILAC2 (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement) started on the 7th of April 2020 and IKN is part of it! The project will be focused on separating and capturing CO2 from the cement production process. Together with other partners, such as Calix, Polimi, Lhoist and a HeidelbergCement plant in Germany, as well as many others, we will be working intensely on developing further innovative technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.

The first Leilac installation has already been completed at a HeidelbergCement plant in Belgium. The new project including planning, construction, commissioning, and extensive test runs shall be
finalized by 2025.

IKN receives an award as Supplier of the Year from Sinoma Tianjin Group

On 22.05.2019 during the Suppliers’ Conference in Tianjin, IKN was honoured with the Supplier of the Year Award 2019. With this award IKN was recognized as being one of the best strategic partners for customers’ service, problem‐solving, equipment quality and performance.

IKN is very thankful and happy for the award and will further do its best to keep the high standards of customer services.