More than 30 years
of experience in clinker production

The IKN vision

IKN is committed to the constant development of their solutions to achieve technical leadership and to become the number one choice for the supply of engineering products and services in a global market environment

The IKN mission

IKN strives to achieve competitiveness and technical leadership with its solutions by offering high-quality products and services to its customers.Apart from its German headquarter, IKN has offices worldwide to be able to support all existing as well as potential customer groups. IKN considers close contact to the client at all stages of the cooperation process to be crucial for successful long-term relationships.

Despite all other assets, IKN profoundly relies on its employees to sustain its competitive advantage. As an engineering office with a focus on customer relations, superior technical know-how and highly motivated staff are essential. Therefore, in addition to its experienced engineers, IKN is particularly interested in supporting young, ambitious and well-educated university alumni to promote distinctively professional and dynamic teams.

Furthermore, the combination of retaining the original core competences, whilst fostering continuous development of new capabilities, belongs to IKN’s most fundamental values. Only this way, it is possible to create reliable engineering products at the forefront of technology.

IKN believes in the holistic approach of conducting entire turnkey projects from the solution finding all the way through to the final project execution and after sales activities. Ultimately, this is what sustainably enables the company to offer exceptional quality at a fair price to ensure efficiency and cost-effective production.

About IKN

IKN GmbH is a medium size company located in Neustadt near Hanover, Germany. The company’s root and strength within the cement industry is the field of clinker cooling, namely the IKN Pendulum Cooler®.

At the beginning, IKN revolutionised the cement industry with the development of the clinker inlet distribution system, called KIDS®. Whereas it has been introduced as an upgrade to existing clinker coolers, it forms today an integral part of the IKN Pendulum Cooler®.Further innovations, such as the highly precise and wear-less mobile frame support, called LPS®, manifested the company’s success.

In 2002, IKN extended its activities further by acquiring PSP in the Czech Republic. With the integration of the PSP Pyro engineers, the company extended its competence towards the entire kiln burning line under the name of IKN. IKN and PSP together provide excellent know-how and in-house manufacturing capabilities for entire greenfield installations and refurbishment projects.

With more than 650 installations worldwide since 1982, IKN has become the market leader in the field of clinker cooling technology. References include smaller coolers with a capacity of 500 t/d as well as the three largest clinker coolers ever built – each sized for a capacity of 13,000 t/d. A first set of references for burning lines has been established in Europe and the Middle East.

Customers rely on local offices for service and sales in China, Singapore, Thailand, USA, India and Brazil, whereas engineering remains concentrated at IKN’s head office in Neustadt.

Our commitment to providing superior products and services – including turn key projects – in a global context, whilst preserving the focus on our core competences, empowers us to face tomorrow’s challenges.


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Justus von Wedel
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Klaas Windmoeller