Grate Drive

A reliable grate drive is essential for optimum operation of the cooler and the entire kiln line.

All IKN drive systems are programmed with an asymmetrical travel profile using slow forward and fast backward motion. This type of operation improves transport efficiency and balances the discharge into the clinker conveyor.

The grate drive is located outside the cooler housing, protected from contamination by clinker dust and with improved accessibility for maintenance. Depending on the size of the cooler either a single drive or a synchronized twin drive is installed.

IKN grate drives are available as hydraulic or electro-mechanical drive system (DLD-Dynamic Linear Drive).

The well-proven hydraulic drive has been installed by IKN since delivery of the first grate cooler and is continuously upgraded to offer state-of-the-art technology.

The mechanical DLD is the best option for new coolers as well as retrofits with a production of up to 7.000 tpd. It significantly reduces the installation time since there is no need for an additional hydraulic room and hydraulic piping.


Testing of Hydraulic Drives

To ensure functionality and avoid delays during installation on site, the hydraulic units are tested before delivery to the customer.

Testing of DLD Unit

The Dynamic Linear Drive is the most compact and integrated drive unit for all IKN Coolers. With no hydraulic components, it is easy to install, operate and maintain.