IKN Grate System

Horizontal air jets on the grate surface support the clinker transport, resulting in a reduction of movable rows.

The size of the Coanda Wing® plates was selected to allow modular adaption of the grate width for varying kiln capacity. For further information, see all sizes available.

Coanda Wing® plates, beams and mobile frames are precision machined during manufacture and laser aligned during installation. The resulting grate surface exhibits excellent mechanical operating characteristics with an optimal distribution of cooling air maximising heat transfer between cooling air and clinker.


Aeration of the Grate

The air flow into the beams and clinker bed is controlled to ensure that the gaps between the fixed and movable rows receive more air for purging. The result is a reduction in clinker fall through and associated wear of the movable gaps.

IKN Grate Movement

IKN clinker coolers have one movable row of Coanda Wing® plates followed by two fixed rows. The forward movement of the grate is accomplished by a hydraulic or mechanical drive system in combination with the LPS® (Linear Pendulum Support).