Roll Crusher

IKN Roll Crushers are operating in coolers with a capacity of up to 13,000 t/d. They offer low power consumption and low mechanical wear compared to other types of crushers.

The crusher can be installed at the cooler discharge or as a mid-cooler crusher for intermediate crushing. The rollers will automatically reverse at high torque levels, protecting the crushing rings against damage caused by foreign matter.

Typically, 95% of the crushed clinker is reduced to a particle size of less than 35 mm. The width of the crushing slots can be adjusted to the required particle size.

IKN Roll Crushers can be used for other materials than clinker. In 2004, IKN installed a 4 roll crusher for petcoke crushing at Lebec, USA.

The main features of the IKN Roll Crusher are:

  • Large pieces of clinker cannot jam the crusher.
  • Reduced wear and dust generation due to low roller speeds .
  • Electrical drive with low power consumption.
  • Uniform size distribution of the crushed clinker.
  • The crusher is mounted on rails for easy maintenance.
  • Hard-faced crushing ring teeth for long service life and easy re-facing.


Installation of a 10,000 t/d Roll Crusher

Roll Crusher 3D