Calciner Technology

Modern Calciner technology faces many day-to-day challenges, like high AF usage and stricter emission limits.

Calcination rates in excess of 90% are achieved with approximately 60% of the total fuel directed to the calciner. As combustion and calcination of raw material take place outside of the rotary kiln, the heat loading of the kiln is reduced and smaller rotary kilns are possible.

All IKN calciners are based on a modular system. Calciner solutions are designed by our experts according to the fuel used, available space or other specific requirements.


IKN Features

Calcining channel swirl head

Intensive mixing of gas, meal and remaining fuel particles in the swirl head ensure complete burn out at the calciner end. The swirl head is standard for all IKN calciners.

IKN Features

Fire Bed Combustor (FBC)

IKN’s solution to reduce the pre-processing of alternative fuels before feeding them to the calciner. It is designed for a wide range of fuels and separates flyable and coarse fuels before they enter into the calcining channel.