Double G Damper

Most calciner installations require tertiary air taken from the kiln hood or cooler housing. IKN’s Double G Damper model is specially designed for both, air flow regulation and complete shut off in tertiary air ducts.

Two in­de­pen­dent guil­lo­ti­ne type ga­tes fulfill the two main pro­cess func­ti­ons of the damper:

The re­gu­la­ti­on gate is active during normal kiln ope­ra­ti­on. It is manufactured from heat re­sis­tant steel pi­pes, co­vered by precast ab­ra­si­on resistant re­frac­to­ry blocks.

Located be­hind the re­gu­la­ti­on gate is the heat re­sis­tant shut off gate. Both ga­tes in con­junc­tion are used to clo­se off the ter­ti­a­ry air duct du­ring star­t-up and shut­-down cycles.


IKN Features

Damper Design

The "split" design of the Double G Damper permits long service life in the most adverse operating conditions.