ICC – Internal Combustion Chamber

The ICC is a state of the art inline calciner and makes your system ready for the future.

The development of the ICC was based on the KKN calciner, which is in operation in many plants. The installation is recommended if it is intended to burn up to 60% of fuel in the calciner.

The ability to burn alternative fuels can be improved by creating a high temperature zone at the bottom of the ICC. Hence, a higher percentage of alternative fuels is possible. Various meal and tertiary air inlets ensure maximal flexibility.


IKN Features

ICC design

The ICC is supplied with combustion air via a tertiary air duct. The meal and air flow into the ICC is divided to achieve optimum burning conditions.

IKN Features

Calcining channel swirl head

Intensive mixing of gas, meal and remaining fuel particles in the swirl head ensure complete burn out at the calciner end. The swirl head is standard for all IKN calciners.