SCC – Separate Combustion Chamber

The increasing use of alternative fuel is of primary interest in the cement industry. The SCC offers an excellent solution for preheater upgrades.

With a separate combustion chamber (SCC), alternative fuel rates up to 100% are achieved. More alternative fuels, such as ground plastic, cloth, paper or wood may be used.

The high-temperature core of the SCC simplifies the combustion of alternative fuels that are difficult to burn or ignite, without increasing the emission of harmful substances. The core is maintained by a supply of hot combustion air from the TAD.


IKN Features

SCC design

Fuel ignition takes place in the SCC, burn out is ensured in the calcining channel. Retention times of >7s can be realised.

IKN Features

Upgrade projects

The compact design of the SCC allows integration of a combustion chamber into existing structures and at the same time achieve ideal process quality.