Rotary Kiln

With the integration of the pyro activities of PSP Engineering in 2010, IKN carries on a tradition in the design and fabrication of rotary kilns, dating back to 1951.

IKN supplies rotary kilns with two or three support piers. Kiln tyres and radial rollers support the kiln and transfer loads to the piers.

Kiln dimensions are selected to minimise stresses and ensure long kiln lifetime. The kilns are driven by a girth gear. Hydraulic kiln thrust rollers maintain a controlled movement of the kiln in the axial direction.

Kiln inlet and outlet ends are equipped with replaceable segments. Both ends of the rotary kiln are fitted with seals to protect it against the intrusion of false air.


Numerous applications

More than 200 rotary kilns are operating in America, Europe, Asia and Africa for a wide range of industries, including cement and lime, magnesite, iron ore, paper and chemical sectors.

Kiln segments

Partial replacement of the kiln shell is possible for modifications and, for example, in case of satellite cooler replacements.