Turnkey Installations

IKN can manage the project for you reducing the time and effort coordinating sub-suppliers and contractors.

The project management and service team has many years of experience in managing large scale projects. Our knowledge and experience ensures effective management of sub-contractors to achieve project execution on time and within budget.

In 2011, a major cooler modification project was carried out at Rohrdorf, Germany. IKN was the general plant engineering and construction contractor. The plant was modified to improve the thermal energy efficiency, to use waste heat from the cooler, to enable catalytic reduction of NOx in an SCR system and to use waste heat from the cooler as part of the generation of electricity with a steam driven generator.

The IKN scope of supply included the satellite cooler replacement, a new kiln hood and kiln outlet section, a new cooler building, air ducts and a dedusting cyclone, new mid-air and exhaust air fans and a new stack. IKN also coordinated the installation of the heat transfer system and a new bag filter.

The existing cooler was dismantled and the new equipment installed within a period of 55 days.


Cooler replacement

Turn key installation

Old Satellite Cooler