KIDS4.0 (Clinker Inlet Distribution System)

After more than 700 installations worldwide, it was time to make our KIDS® ready for the next generation. A new design and new features ensure up-to-date performance under all circumstances.

Reliable operation is a key factor in the successful operation of a modern and efficient cement plant. However, challenges arise daily in the clinker production process. Increased use of alternative fuels, inhomogeneous raw materials and special operating conditions influence clinker chemistry and lead to a tough environment inside the kiln and clinker cooler often resulting in higher risks of build-ups and uneven clinker distribution. IKNs KIDS4.0 comprises important features to cope with all different clinker types ranging from agglomerations to fine clinker.

The main features of the KIDS4.0 are:

  • The variable slope between 15° and 10° addresses the higher amount of fine material on the KIDS and ensures the required retention time on the fixed inlet. It also allows for a higher clinker bed which helps to protect the surface of the fixed inlet. The air flow across the fixed inlet can be increased without blowing clinker off the fixed inlet.
  • KIDS4.0 is the only fixed inlet in the world that can be modified to include Inlet Motion Devices (IMDs) in the most critical zones. These electromechanical devices ensure continuous transport of the clinker even in scenarios that would otherwise lead to snowmen formations. The system either runs in cycles or is triggered manually from the CCR.
  • The Coanda Wing®-Technology provides improved airflow and lowers the risk of blockages/clogging.
  • The KIDS4.0 is aerated by individually arranged compartments. This design has the airflow distributed easier over the entire KIDS grate allowing for fast quenching and increased red river prevention on both sides of the cooler.


Variable slope – 15°

Variable slope – 10°