Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS®)

KIDS®, a huge success! – from the mechanical and process points of view. Typical heat savings of 20 to 100 kcal/kg depending on current cooler performance have been achieved.

The IKN KlDS® distributes the clinker evenly across the grate width and at the same time conditions the clinker bed for easy passage of air by lifting the fluidised fines to the bed surface.

The inclined slots of the Coanda Nozzles generate horizontal air jets, which pressurise the bottom layer of the clinker bed. The air jets are deflected vertically when striking clinker particles and uniformly penetrate the clinker bed.

The main features of the IKN KIDS® are:

  • Uniform clinker distribution across the grate width.
  • Improved transport of the fines to the bed surface.
  • Rapid cooling of the lower clinker bed.
  • Lower clinker outlet temperature.
  • Less maintenance of the grate.
  • Improved recuperation.
  • Power savings due to reduction of cooling air.
  • Stabilised kiln and cooler operation.