Erfahrungsbericht Marcos Fernando Neis Daniel

Marcos is a mechanical and civil engineer with a background in Machine Construction for cement and mining businesses and Plant Design for cement business.

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I´m Marcos and I come from Brazil. I came to Germany in September 2022 for an internship at IKN GmbH to get an overview of the company and the position I was applying for as a Plant Designer. During the internship time I could gather a comprehensive overview of the people, organization, departments, company mindset and tasks that I´d be involved in.

The two weeks of my internship left a very positive impression. From the first day on I was involved in complex projects and could practice my skills creating tailor-made technical solutions for the customers. Although I had already 10 years of experience in the cement industry, at IKN I found out how challenging and exciting it is to work with high technology equipment and be involved in high complexity brown and green fields projects with lots of challenges (and this is what I love mostly in this job). Additionally, I was impressed by a pleasant working atmosphere and excellent cooperation with the colleagues, who supported me in all aspects.


After these 3 weeks of my internship, I finally decided to move from Brazil to Germany and start working for IKN. The process of relocation was rather complex, but I had all the necessary support in all matters from the HR department at IKN.