LUCY Preheater

The performance of the preheater and calciner are governing factors influencing the heat consumption of modern kilns. The Low Under-Pressure Cyclone (LUCY) preheater assures the desired heat exchange while keeping pressure drop low.

Key components of the preheater have been developed and refined to achieve the best performance parameters. IKN provides preheater concepts to match customer specific requirements.

The main features of the LUCY Preheater are:

  • Optimum meal dispersion into the gas stream by splash boxes.
  • Excellent heat exchange between raw material and gas.
  • Efficient separation of raw meal at each cyclone stage with low pressure drop.


IKN Features

Raw meal transition

Raw meal is pre­he­a­ted when pas­sing through the cy­clo­ne sta­ges of the preheater against the flow of hot gas from the kiln and the calciner.

IKN Features

Raw meal divider

The raw meal divider has a division range of 0-100%. It permits the allocation of the raw material flow to different process zones for preheating and calcination. It is standard for all calciner types to ensure optimal fuel ignition conditions.

IKN Features

Pendulum flap

The meal chutes are equipped with pendulum flaps to avoid short-cut of gases. The flaps are designed for easy access and flexible adjustment.