Linear Pendulum Support (LPS®)

IKN developed the patented Linear Pendulum Suspension System to reduce the disadvantages of conventional coolers with roller supported movable frames.

In conventional coolers, the movable frame can sag with time and the thrust gaps between the movable and fixed rows grow. To counteract this, IKN developed the Linear Pendulum Support (LPS®).

The movable frame is supported by wear-free spring steel straps, which do not need lubrication. Due to the short length of these straps, the system is ideal for buildings with height restrictions. With more than 130 installations worldwide, the LPS® has superseded the first generation pendulum.


Linear Pendulum Support

The picture shows a typical LPS® installation. The advantages of its reduced space requirements are obvious, allowing the integration of the LPS® as part of the under grate housing.

Durability Test

Before the first production installation, the LPS® was subjected to a long-term test run to confirm its fatigue strength. This test was performed by the Leibniz Universität Hannover.